Your title of priority

On a career-defining workday, my colleague unexpectedly didn't report to the office.

Unfortunately, he had to absent himself to rush his ailing father to the hospital despite the need to deliver a critical presentation that would determine his promotion. I could testify to the grueling weeks that he went through to perfect his presentation. And yet, he still prioritized personal affair over work.

Was it the right thing to do?

In life, it's important to set your priorities and determine which title holds the most weight for you:

His decision was very admirable because he knew that the title "Son" was more valuable than the “Manager” title, which he could have gained if he succeeded to please the company.

In determining the title of your precedence, make this question as your basis:
Who do you live for?
Is it your boss? or your loved ones?

Some people commit the mistake of prioritizing work more than anything; to the point that they are even willing to miss rare family gatherings for a regular business meeting, forgetting that the reason why people work hard is to provide the best future for their loved ones.

While your boss only values your contribution to the company, your family will unconditionally stick with you through the toughest of times.

Monetary compensation will never commensurate to the precious time spent with loved ones. No matter how much you earn, it would never be enough to get you a time machine.

Every title is important. Which is your priority?