Never stop growing

You can't be a licensed doctor without enduring a grueling decade of scholastic work.
You can't have a Swarchenegger built without pumping heavy irons and sticking to a strict dietary program.
You can't scale Mount Everest without braving a treacherous track of 29,000 feet.

You need to give up something to go up.

In order to obtain something that you never had, you must be willing to sacrifice and do something that you've never done before.

If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll only get what you've always gotten. (John Maxwell)

If you're already good in your craft, grow and maintain your status by adjusting to the changing environment. Keep yourself conversant with the innovations. Attend seminars and read books (if you're in a tight budget) to update yourself in your field of expertise.

Never stop growing. Plateaus should only be found in geography, not in personal experience.

"Restlessness is discontent, and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure." (Thomas Edison)