Lesson from a less fortunate

A lady who just received her first paycheck went to her favorite restaurant to give herself a treat.

On her way to the restaurant, a beggar grabbed her sleeve asking for alms. Since it was a special day for the woman, she brought the beggar with her to the restaurant to dine together.

The beggar thanked the lady, and told her that it was her first meal after several days of being famished.

Contrary to the beggar's supposed hunger, the woman noticed that the beggar only ate half of his meal. To answer the lady's curiosity, the beggar told her that he is saving the other half for his fellow homeless who was outside the restaurant. Surprised and in awe, the lady told the beggar to finish his meal and bought another for his fellow.

Most of us would have just ignored the beggar as if he didn't exist. But this woman helped the needy without expecting anything in return. And that is helping from the heart!

But still, the woman only helped because she was celebrating that day.

Helping from the heart should be done every day.

It's ironic that those who have less in life are the ones who have the heart to willing share their blessings; while those who already have much in life are the ones who are reluctant.

What's worse is when people refuse to lend a hand and still accuse others of wrongdoings. The least you could do if you don't want to offer help, is to give other people the benefit of the doubt.

Some don't want to donate to foundations because they accuse that these solicitations would be used by its management for its own enrichment. Instead, think of the beneficiaries of the cause that you could help.

Some refuse to share loose coins to street dwellers because they assume that these beggars would use it to support their vices. Instead, think of the person that you could have spared from hunger.

Some don't want to help other people whom they're not related to because they think that it would be a waste of energy. Instead, think of the new friend that you might win by helping a stranger.

Rid your mind from negative speculations. Instead, try to make a good impact.

You'll only pass this world once and you won't be able to bring your material wealth in the afterlife.

Let the world remember you with a legacy of how you touched other people’s lives.

Yes, it's always better to give than to receive. Fulfillment comes to those who extend help.

“The measure of a life after all is not its duration, but its donation." (Corrie Ten Boom)