Filipino resilience

With an average of 20 typhoons a year and recurrent exposure to other natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and drought; the Philippines indeed can be classified as a highly disaster-prone country

Just this month, super typhoon Haiyan (one of the strongest tropical typhoons ever recorded) left many Filipinos orphaned, homeless, sick and hungry.

And now, only weeks later, noone hardly even talk about it anymore. After all, several disasters (Ondoy, Sendong, and Habagat 2013) have already struck the Philippine shores, and it certainly won't be the last.

On the bright side, these disasters showed the triumph of the Filipino spirit against adversity.

Although it's more difficult to forecast the weather nowadays due to the severe effects of global warming, the collaborative effort of various individuals and organizations provided Filipinos with the best possible protection despite the uncertainties of disasters like Haiyan.

Additional aid also came from the heroic acts of ordinary citizens who went out to rescue those who were stranded by floods. Even netizens, who preferred to be safe at home, contributed through utilizing social networking sites to push relief efforts, however grand.

Amidst the height of Haiyan; families who were stranded on rooftops, despite not having eaten for days, readily smiled and raised two fingers in a peace sign at television cameras.

Whatever adversity Filipinos found themselves with; they always overcome it with a smile on their faces.

Much of Filipino resilience comes from the people, the community, from the relationships that allow each to lean on each other for support when they need it. From the generosity of people who donated to people whom they don't know personally.

Indeed, resilience is a great gift.
It enables you to take anything that life throws at you.

"The Philippines may not be calamity-proof, but the Filipino spirit is!" (Anonymous)