Service ace

Every successful sales executives understands that success depends not only on the quality of product that they present but also on the level of service that they offer.

Excellent customer service is one of the things that doesn't cost anything but can cost your business a lot. Although smiling at a client when they pay their bill cost the same as frowning, frowning may cost you your clients.

In this digital age, companies should be careful not to give poor customer service because clients are just a click away from publicizing their negative experience on social networking sites or in consumer advocacy websites such as Consumerist.

Building a great experience to your clients will, however, ensure their loyalty to your business. Oftentimes, clients are even willing to pay more for a product or give a tip if the person selling treats them well.

The simplest customer service can ensure long-term loyalty from your public:
Smiling and being polite.
Calling them by their names.
Looking them in the eyes.
Complimenting them.
Turning off your phone when in a meeting.
Showing them empathy rather than assuming you know their needs.
Receiving their complaint without defensiveness and quickly addressing them.
Following through what you will do.
Returning calls and e-mails promptly.

Be a customer service advocate and keep in mind that business is a like a game of tennis. Those who don’t serve well, end up losing. (Doc Anklam)